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Coaches and High School Student Volunteers Registration

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2018 Volunteer Information

All meets are staffed completely by parent volunteers. Each family is required to earn three (or more) points during the season. Volunteering during an entire meet earns one point, and volunteering for half of a meet earns half of a point. Failure to meet your volunteer obligation may make your child ineligible to register for the next season.

Volunteers are so very appreciated. We could not do it without you!

There are three types of volunteer opportunities:

1. Season-long jobs: Require a person to commit to the entire season. Volunteering for these jobs completes the point requirements for that family.

2. Training-required jobs: Require a short pre-season training.

3. Meet jobs: Require no training. Instructions and information will be given at the meet by the leader of that position.

Season-long jobs (that still need to be filled):

Tent Family: Your family will be responsible for storing (either in your garage or in the team’s storage facility) the tents and tarps, bringing them early to the meets, and taking them from each meet after it ends.

Social Committee: Plan and coordinate an ice cream social, movie night, and end-of-year banquet for the team.

T-shirts and Trophies: Design, order, pick up, and distribute t-shirts and swim caps. At the end of the season, order trophies and have them ready for the banquet.

Head Tent Parent Shadow: Shadow our highly-experienced volunteer so you can take on this role next season.

Head Stroke Judge: Coordinate and help stroke judges during the HOME meets.

Ribbons: We need one more volunteer to share this role with another person. Each volunteer takes three meets and matches labels to ribbons to hand out after each meet. The volunteer will also file ribbons for each swimmer. Ribbons must be completed over the weekend (at home) since they are passed out at practice on Monday mornings.

Music: Selects and plays music between heats/events.

Training-Required Jobs:

Stroke Judge: You will be partnered with a judge from the other team and work together to determine if swimmers are following the rules for each stroke.

Training Dates (Choose one): TBD

Computers: Input all swim times for each event during home meets. You are responsible for tracking qualifying times, pool records, and personal best times.

Training: TBD

Meet Jobs (No training Required):

Age Group Parent: Supervise and coordinate swimmers, mark arms before meet, escort swimmers to ready bench, and check out swimmers at the end of the meet. New volunteers cannot volunteer for this position during the first meet.

Ready Bench: Help line up swimmers for each event by lane and heat with the help of the Head Ready Bench volunteer.

Set-Up and Take Down: Home Meets only—come early to get everything set up for the meet and stay afterward to take everything down when it is finished. (1/2 point)

Heat Ribbons: Stand at the finish line and pass out ribbons to heat winners.

Timer: Time the swimmers during the events.

Hospitality: During Home meets, manage and pass out water and snacks for volunteers.

Runner: Run between the ready bench and tents to coordinate swimmers and get everyone to his/her race on time.

Starters: Start each race during HOME MEETS.

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